Three Guys and a Pig

In May of 2018, I announced that it was no longer possible for me to continue moving FusionInvoice forward. Since its early days as free and open source software (MyClientBase), back in 2010, through the last release of the commercially licensed FusionInvoice 2018-8, I had been the one and only person running the company, developing the product, providing support, and everything else involved. The weight of that, coupled with many other responsibilities, personal and professional, led me to the difficult decision of having to step away from the product.

During the time I was away, I was able to regain a healthy work / life balance, spend more time exploring new potential hobbies, and generally renew my spirit. I realized that I never expected FusionInvoice to grow to the size it had become, in terms of people and businesses that had come to believe and trust in both me and the software that I had created. I also learned that I'm not really that great at running a business. My passion was never about running the business, it was for development, it was making sure that my customers had an exceptional experience using my software.

Today I am excited to announce the birth of Square Pig Interactive - an amazing new team which will be focused on building a better FusionInvoice, and with that, an even better customer experience. The Square Pig team consists of myself, Matt Weinbender and Tim Perry. Matt has been using FusionInvoice for years with his own software company, AppleButter Software. His software development and business management skills are a perfect fit for his new role handling the business operations for FusionInvoice/Square Pig. Tim has been providing an exceptional support experience for Matt's customers and will be doing the same for FusionInvoicers. Having seen Tim in action, I couldn't be more confident that FusionInvoicers will continue to experience top-notch customer service and support. As for myself - I'll be able to stick closely to what I love, application development.

From this point on, it's no longer me. It's no longer just Jesse. I’m now part of a multi-talented team that will let me focus on my passion, developing uncommonly great software for you. You’ll still hear from me from time to time, but my role in support will be less on the front lines as we move forward. Don’t worry though, your FusionInvoice experience will be better than ever - FusionInvoice 2019-1 is coming soon and who knows, there might be one or two new products around the corner.

We encourage you to take a moment to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about the future of FusionInvoice.

Happy Invoicing!

Jesse, on behalf of the Square Pig Interactive team

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