FusionInvoice 2023-3.03 has been released!

Hello FusionInvoicers!

We pleased to announce the release of FusionInvoice 2023-2.3!

This is release adds a few new features, along with bug fixes and maintenance upgrades

 New Features
  • Added Catalan as a new supported language.
  • The Payments list now allows for filtering by date, client, payment method and invoice tags.
  • The price field for invoices, quotes and recurring invoices can now accept a negative value, as long as the entire document total is greater than zero. This allows you to enter a custom discount as an ad-hoc line item.
  • Support of HTML tags in invoice and quote Footer and Terms fields. In the 2023-3.0 release, we removed support for HTML and JS in the Terms and Footer fields due to an XSS scripting vulnerability. We have added back support of basic HTML tags now, but will continue to disallow JS or jQuery tags.
  • Added an About FusionInvoice page on System Settings, which shows our license agreement and 3rd party libraries used.
  • Improved the visual display of new system notifications by animating (shaking) the bell icon in the titlebar area.
  • The default Invoice and Quote template is now selectable according to the company profile. (Set within System Settings -> Company Profiles)
  • Previously, all Quote and Invoice email bodies would start with \"Hi contact_name\" before the actual body of the email. Removed this.
  • PayPal checkout update. Some users reported a PayPal warning that their integration was in need of updating, when their customers clicked the Pay Now button from the public invoice link. The libraries used have been updated.
  • Within the Time Tracking add-on you could previously send your time billing entries to invoices that were in a Draft or Sent status. A new configuration option has been added to Time Tracking that allows you to specify which invoice status you want to allow when sending time billing entries to invoices.
 Bugs Fixed
  • Entering an invoice or quote line item that had 4 or 5 digits before the decimal point, then saving the invoice, could cause a display issue that would show the line item quantity as blank. 
  • When entering a new client record and adding a tag, then saving, the tag would display twice on the client view.
  • When entering a new invoice and changing the currency from the default to Euro, then adding a line item, the line item's price field would get set to blank.
  • After invoice currency had been changed and saved as Euro (not the default currency) and changing another field, like summary, then re-saving, invoice calculations would be incorrect. 
  • On the Invoice list page of the Client view, clicking the Options record menu could display the context menu partially blocked. 
  • When adding a new invoice (or Quote) line item and checking the box for "Save item as lookup", if the quantity for the line item was greater than 1, the quantity would be reset to 1 after saving the invoice or quote. 
  • On invoice or quote line item entry, sometimes the warning "Price cannot be zero/empty" would display when it shouldn't. 
  • The Client Statement report could result in a 500 error when running the report for a specific client and selecting a specific invoice status. 
  • Running the Revenue by Client report, while selecting a specific Company Profile, would yield a SQL exception error. 
  • The system setting value for Number of Decimals for Quantities and Amounts was not strictly adhered to on Invoice line items.
  • Custom fields on the Client table, of type Image and Tags, could cause an error on saving of a new client entry if the values for these were also entered on a new client record. 
  • Enabling Captcha on login could cause an inability to login. 
  • Entering a comma instead of a decimal point in the quote or invoice line item Qty field could result in an incorrect error message about the quantity being less than zero. If this happens now, the comma is replaced with a decimal point and there is no error shown.
  • Attempting to add a new client on-the-fly, when creating a new invoice or recurring invoice would appear to do nothing. 
  • Square Payment Gateway issues related to PHP versions above 8.11. 
  • When the number of line items on an invoice or quote were more than 1 and a line item validation error was displayed, it would display once per line item. 
  • You could delete an expense vendor that had existing expense records, causing orphaned expense records. Fixed. It now prompts that this is not allowed.
  • Duplicate Expense Vendor records could be created if you entered a new expense for an existing vendor, that had an Expense Category value defined, but you changed the category on the expense record to something different. 
  • The Tag Cleanup utility was not working properly for Quotes and could create orphaned tag entries that were assigned only to quotes and not invoices, clients or recurring invoices. 

For the full list of features and improvements, please see our release notes. Upgrade documentation can be found here and the upgrade files can be found in your fusioninvoice.com account.

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