FusionInvoice 2021-1.5 Released!

Sqware Pig LLC is pleased to announce the release of FusionInvoice 2021-1.5. This maintenance release provides important bug fixes to FusionInvoice, which make the software more reliable and secure.

New Features

•Restructuring of currency formatting. It now supports Euros with the comma and decimal in either the thousands or decimal position. This holds true for all other supported currencies as well.
•You may now designate the currency selected for a payment. (Previously it would default to the currency of the invoice.)
•Added the ability to directly print invoices and quotes. Previously you were required to generate and download a PDF before you could print.
•Improvements to Save Item as Lookup on Invoices and Quotes. Options display more appropriate to the state of the invoice and line item.
•Removed the ability to change the currency and exchange rate on an invoice that already has a partial or full payment.
•Reduced timeline logging of completed tasks within the Dashboard Tasklist widget. Previously it would display an Edit entry followed by the Completed entry. These have both been combined in to one Completed entry now.
•Made the system menu / navbar submenus approximately 15% wider for improved UI.
•Added a test after user login to ensure that all required writable folders exist and are in fact writable. If not, the appropriate warning(s) are displayed.
•Added a test for existence of email template files on post-login of admin users. Appropriate warning(s) are displayed if they are missing.
•Added a highly visible watermark on the Client view for Inactive clients.
•Added a new configuration item in System Settings -> General for Tax Fields, allowing for the selection of 1 field or 2 fields.
•The description of Tasks have been added to the Timeline entry display.
•Added the public invoice link to the default payment receipt email body.
•Added a new System Setting -> General option to Require Tag(s) on Client Notes, Yes/No.  This can require that a tag is entered prior to saving a note for a client.
• When entering a new payment from the Payments module, the initially selected currency was the first in the list “Australian Dollars” and would change appropriately once the client was selected. It now initially displays the default system currency instead.
•On the main client view, improved the display of balance information to show Open Credit amounts as well as Unapplied Payment amounts.
•On the main client view, improved the display of balance information to handle clients that have used multiple currencies. The primary currency for the client is displayed/selected by default, and the other used currencies are selectable via a dropdown list.
•Improved the UI grouping of the System Settings -> Email page to group logically based on the function of the email (Ie. Quotes, Invoices, Payment Receipts, etc.)
•Added a new client setting for Automatically Email Recurring Invoices. When a recurring invoice is generated, if this option is selected, it will automatically email the client a copy of the invoice.
•Added the ability (and setting on System Settings -> Email) to Attach PDF for Payment Receipts, Overdue Invoices and Upcoming Payment Notice emails.
•Numerous Czech language file translation updates
•Added a utility file, ficheck.php, to the base installation to assist in identifying missing installation requirements.

Existing users can update their software from their FusionInvoice.com account. New users must purchase a FusionInvoice license. Update and installation instructions can be found on the FusionInvoice 2021 documentation page.

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