FusionInvoice 2021-1.8 has been released!

Sqware Pig LLC is pleased to announce the release of FusionInvoice 2021-1.8. This maintenance release, an immediate successor to 2021-1.7, resolves a number of issues reported after the 2021-1.7 release, which make the software more reliable and secure.

New Features

•Numerous improvements to importers related to custom fields and item lookups.

•Removed email greeting portion that was part of the templates email as it was not easily editable. All information is now accessible through the System Settings -> Email -> body sections.

•Added a safeguard to prevent situations where a payment gateway’s response to the FusionInvoice installation, for a completed payment transaction, was deemed incomplete by the payment gateway, however the payment had been applied in FusionInvoice. This could yield future attempts by the gateway to notify FusionInvoice of the payment, thereby creating additional payment posting emails.

•Added a new CSS class reference “custom-fields” to custom fields usage throughout. This will make it easier for users to add their own JS event handling for custom fields.

Resolved Issues

•Entering a payment and automatically attempting to send the payment receipt could cause a 500 error if the system setting for Default Payment Receipt Body was set to Custom and there was no custom template on disk. Added an error message display for this situation..

•Resolved issues related to the system user not having a users_custom record. This entry is automatically added with this version.

•The payments eventsubscriber could fail after payment application with Error: [0] Trying to get property 'id' of non-object

•The System Settings dropdown list option for Invoices “If Invoice is Emailed While in Draft Status” had been accidentally removed in a prior release. It has been restored

•From the Payments Module, Payment record, selecting [Options] Send Payment Receipt - the modal window would not show the option for Attach Invoice PDF. It now does, and defaults to the System Setting, Email, Payment Receipts section.

•Payments made from one of the three payment gateways by way of a public invoice link would not always fill in the appropriate currency_code value in the payments table. - A migration has been added to fill in any missing entries automatically upon this version update.

•Deleting a recurring invoice that had no quantity entries would cause an error.

•Changing a quantity value during invoice or quote line item entry could cause a custom entered description to be reset to the default description.

•On a new installation (not update), editing an invoice, recurring invoice or quote could display an error “undefined index” related to the tax_id field.

•A small bug in attaching invoice PDFs to the payment receipt emails. The main setting is in System Settings->Email. Check the box for Attach Invoice PDF in the Payment Receipts section. Next, when entering a payment receipt, there is an option to Attach Invoice PDF, which it is checked by default, it works fine. The issue is when you go to the Payments module, select a payment record and choose [Options] Email Payment Receipt. The attach invoice option is not shown here and it does not attach it by default. The option is now shown and checked/unchecked based on the system settings value.

•Invoice template alignment change for Product Name. Product name would justify in the middle of the row if there was a multi-line description or multiple custom fields. Changed to justify top and left.

•Emailing of a Credit Memo would yield an exceptionoAdded Credit Memo section to the System Settings -> Email configuration•Attempting to change a vendor on an existing expense entry would fail

•Attempting to generate PDF output from running the Revenue by Client report would yield an error.

Existing users can update their software from their FusionInvoice.com account. New users must purchase a FusionInvoice license. Update and installation instructions can be found on the FusionInvoice 2021 documentation page.

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