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About FusionInvoice - 2024

Moving Your FusionInvoice Installation

Here's a simple step-by-step guide to move your FusionInvoice installation to a new host:

Step 1

Export your whole FusionInvoice database from the current provider. You can do this straight from FusionInvoice in the settings menu, or use a database admin tool like PHPMyAdmin or MySQL WorkBench.

Step 2

Compress all of your FusionInvoice directory files from the old provider into a zip file.

Step 3

At the new provider, create new database.

Step 4

Import the data that you exported from the old database into the new one.

Step 5

Upload the zip file of your files to the new provider and extract its contents.

Step 6

Edit the /config/database.php file to target your newly set up database.

Step 7

Clear your caches by removing all files from these directories:

  1. /Bootstrap/cache
  2. /storage/framework/cache
  3. /storage/framework/views
  4. /storage/framework/sessions

Step 8

Log back in. Your FusionInvoice should now be up and running at the new location.