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About FusionInvoice - 2024

Performance Tuning

For best performance, here are some performance tuning things you should be aware of. Please beware that systems can differ and setting some limits or settings too high or too low could cause issues. Consult with your host if you do not know what you are doing.



If you are importing data, or running “recalculate invoices” in System Settings, if there is a lot of data, it might timeout if you do not set max execution time:

Most systems have a default setting of 300, on the line below:

max_execution_time = 300

However, we have found that on some systems, particularly in share hosting environments, large amounts of data can take greater than 1000 seconds, so you may need to raise max_execution time to greater than 1000.


The default is 128M

If users have the memory to spare, 512M will yield better performance.

memory_limit = 512M