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About FusionInvoice - 2021


How do I create a new user?

What types of users are there?

How does the permissions system work?

How do I create a new user?

Users can be created by going to the System menu, clicking "User Accounts", then clicking on the "New" button.

create user

The user creation screen asks for some basic information about the user: Name, Email, or Password and allows you to choose a user type.

You can assign specific initials and a background color to each user's avatar for easier visual identification. The avatars are used extensively throughout the notes and task list systems.

user avatar

What types of users are there?

FusionInvoice offers the following user types:

  • Admin - This user has all rights.
  • Standard User - these users can be assigned access to specific portions of all major modules and reports through the permissions system.
  • Client - These users do not have access to the portions of FusionInvoice that admin and standard users do. They can only login to the Client Center and can only view their own invoices, quotes, and payments.

How does the permissions system work?

FusionInvoice offers a full-featured permissions system. You can grant each user specific rights to view, create, and/or delete on every module and every report.

user permissions

To edit a user's permissions:

  1. Go to System>User Accounts.
  2. Locate the options dropdown of the user and choose edit
  3. The permissions menu is at the bottom of the user edit page


  • To choose specific permissions, the user type must be "Standard User".
  • Privileges can be copied from an existing standard user by using the dropdown at the top-right of the permissions section of the user edit page.