Say hello to freedom.

FusionInvoice is a self hosted invoicing system for freelancers and small businesses.
Ditch the monthly fees! FusionInvoice is yours. Forever.

Host on your own server.

Pay once, install on your own server, and use forever! Services charging monthly fees seem convenient, but over time those fees add up quickly. On top of that, there is no scouring through fine print to figure out who owns your data. Your server, your system, your data. Oh, and all updates are free!

Get organized and stay organized with no effort.

You always know who owes you what, who's current with their payments and who's not. Your invoices are grouped into convenient statuses so you never have to worry about keeping things filed away.

Your clients will want to pay you.

Did you know your clients will pay you more quickly when it's convenient? Your clients can view and pay their invoices online using the built-in PayPal integration for off-site payment collection and Stripe integration for on-site payment collection. Your clients will love how easy this is.

Sending the same invoices each month?

Nobody enjoys creating the same invoice over and over again each month for their clients. Nobody! Recurring invoices are an easy way to set it and forget it - your invoices will be sent out on the frequency you choose so you'll never have to worry about keeping track again.

Support matters!

We are here for you when you need us. Caution: the next sentence is a little horn-tooting... We take great pride in offering a top-notch customer support experience! We wouldn't matter without you, so we're more than happy to make sure you're taken care of. We love supporting you.

Who uses FusionInvoice?

We are excited and proud to have such a diverse set of great people using FusionInvoice! Here's some we know about: Web designers and developers, software consultancy agencies, computer programmers, computer repair shops, small internet and communication providers, and even auto mechanics and floral shops! If you use FusionInvoice and love it, we'd love to hear from you.

Constant evolution.

Just as your business changes and evolves to continue to serve others better, so does FusionInvoice. We release frequent updates to improve your experience and to get this invoicing stuff out of your way. Our goal is to provide you with a set of useful tools for your business to help you save time and money.

“I had been using SIWAPP for a few years, but it appears to be no longer updated or supported. I learned this after a server update left my invoicing system dead! FusionInvoice saved me! I love the layout, features, and the dashboard rocks! Kudos and thank you!” Richie Madden - Working Dog Worx

“I have used quite a few invoice applications from offline apps to hosted solutions but FusionInvoice was by far the most effective for both efficiency and reliability. The ease at which you can attach a PDF to an email is just perfect. I also really love the simplistic dashboard that just shows you what you really want to see at a glance. The technical support and value for money I have received from FusionInvoice has been second to none.” Matthew Stapleford -

"FusionInvoice helps my web development business look more professional with its own billing system that is easy for me to use as well as easy for my clients, goodbye to word templates and pesky PayPal invoices!" Helge Sverre -

How has FusionInvoice worked for you? We'd love to hear from you!