FusionInvoice 2021-1.4 Released!

February 12, 2021, 8:38 pm

Square Pig LLC is pleased to announce the release of FusionInvoice 2021-1.4. This maintenance release provides important bug fixes to FusionInvoice, which make the software more reliable and secure.

New Features

•Added language support for Lithuanian, Danish and Czech.

•Improved tax handling with respect to Item Lookups. There is a new option for the dropdown fields Tax1 and Tax2 on Item Lookups, which is ‘System Default’. If this option is selected, when the item is used on an invoice, recurring invoice or quote, it will inherit the tax assigned at the system configuration level. 

•Improved  internal referencing of the greeting within the body of the invoice and quote emails. If a client record has a “Default To” contact(s) set to Yes, that contact(s) will be included for sending the email to. If there are multiple recipients of the email, the greeting will be “Hi there”. If there is only one recipient, it will use the company name or the contact name, (Ie, “Hi John”).

•Client deletion is no longer allowed if a client has associated transaction records (invoices, quotes, notes, payments, etc.) It is recommended that you instead set the client as Inactive. 

•Several CSS improvements which improve mobile responsiveness. (Vielen dank, Falko)

•Added the ability to update a client contact’s Default To, CC, and BCC when in the contact’s modal edit view. 

•Removed the validation for a client contact to require phone number. 

•The client selection control now displays only active client records when creating an invoice or quote.

•Added the invoice date field to the payments list, for payments that have a 1-to-1 relationship to an invoice. If a payment was applied to more than one invoice, the word “multiple” will be shown. 

•Removed the static column widths within the Invoices table display, which allows for improved readability, especially when some users do not populate all of the columns, as unpopulated columns now take up less space. 

•Merchant payment processing safeguards added. This is related to clients paying invoices via the public invoice link, which in turn uses a merchant’s payment gateway. After the payment is processed the merchant’s network calls back to your FusionInvoice, notifying it that the payment was successful (or not), at which time a payment entry is generated in FusionInvoice. In the case of a network error, when the merchant network call-back could make several attempts, FusinInvoice will now accept only the first successful attempt, discarding all subsequent requests. In addition, when the client clicks the Pay Now button, it is immediately disabled to disallow the potential for multiple clicks. 

•Added a “Searching. . .” animated graphic to Timeline searching and filtering, both on the dashboard timeline and client view timeline. 

•Added a folding interface for long notes to be displayed within the Timeline and Notes lists. Now if the note is more than 5 lines long, it will show the first 5 lines and display a “Show more” link, allowing you to view the rest of the note, while conserving space.

•Added a Tax column to the Expense List report. In previous releases it was difficult to determine why the Expenses, totalled by category did not match the Profit and Loss Expense amounts. Taxes were not being displayed on either report, but were being deducted from the total on the P&L report. 

•Added an option to “Deduct Taxes from Expenses” to the Profit and Loss report. 

•Removed the deprecated .\api  folder from the default distribution. 

•The system setting for Invoices 'if_invoice_is_emailed_while_draft' has been deprecated and removed.

•The system setting for Invoices 'Allow entering payments without balance' has been deprecated and removed.

•Added the ability to see Note Tags within the header of the note of the Timeline view. 

•Tasks created by another user and assigned to you now display the Created By User and Datetime at the bottom of the task view. 

•From the Client’s Task page, the Options button would only display if you were the user that created the task. In addition, it now displays also if the task has been assigned to you.

•Added a thin border to the dropdown menu, to better distinguish it from the background, when using a theme with a white background. 

•Improved multi-currency visibility on the Payments Collected report. There is a new option, “Currency Format” available that allows you to choose Base Currency or Invoiced Currency. When using Base Currency, all amounts are adjusted by the exchange rate established on the invoice. If using “Invoiced Currency”, the native currency of the invoice will be shown, but the totals will still be adjusted by each invoices exchange rate.

•The Payments list now displays payments in their actual currency. Previously they had been shown only in the system default currency. 

Resolved Issues

•Fixed a bug related to the new system email default, where it could be left empty on a brand new installation. 

•Fixed a UI bug that would display “fi.” in the client contacts list Title column, in the case that the contact had no title assigned. 

•Added a refresh of the invoice view after a draft invoice is emailed, as internally the status changes to Sent, but the view was not reflected the change until it was refreshed. 

•System generated emails for upcoming payment notices, overdue notices, and new invoices generated from a recurring invoice run were not including client contacts that were marked as “Default To” = Yes. Fixed. 

•When a live invoice is generated from a recurring invoice template, the email shown on the public invoice and PDF could display as “system”. Fixed.  In addition use of the system email has been improved throughout. 

•Default system tax rates were not being properly assigned when invoicing and adding a custom item code (not selected from an existing Item Lookup). Both tax entries were left blank in this case. Fixed. 

•A browser syntax error was generated when sending a system test email with the system language set to French. Fixed. 

•Pre-payments were not automatically sending payment receipt emails, despite the Email Payment Receipts option being set to Yes. Fixed. 

•Searching the Timeline, within a specific Client view, would lose scope of the client and perform a global timeline search. Fixed. 

•In some cases, within the Payment Entry window, if the Email Payment Receipt box was checked, the email could fail. The error could be seen in the mail log and was related to improper JSON formatting. Fixed. 

•Contact titles in some languages (French reported) were not displaying with proper localization. Fixed. 

•When entering a payment, the checkbox for Email Payment Receipt would not always check or uncheck itself based on the Email Payment Receipts setting on the client record. Fixed.

•Keyword searches within the payments module was not consistent. Fixed. 

•If a client’s Name did not match their Unique Name value, when creating an invoice, recurring invoice or quote, the client name was not properly pre-selected and could result in a new client record being created. Fixed.

•Using a date selector of Last Month or Last Quarter, for dashboard views or reports, would yield incorrect results when used in the first month of the year. Fixed. 

•Notes could display improperly in the timeline view if they had been pasted in from formatted HTML. Removed the timeline short description cut off to remedy this. 

•Reported discrepancy between expenses shown on the Expense List report and the Profit and Loss Report. This was not a bug, per se, but the reports did not display the tax amounts in a way that was self-explanatory. This has been addressed in two reporting improvements. 

•Attachment uploads were not being logged to the timeline. Fixed. 

•When entering a payment through the invoice view, if the client had no email on file or they had the option to Send Payment Receipt Emails set to No, the checkbox would not display to “Send Payment Receipt Email”. It now displays, but is disabled, with a mouse-over tooltip, showing the reason for being disabled. 

•If a new standard user was created, without the option to Allow Time Period Change within the Dashboards section of User Permissions, they could receive an error when trying to load their dashboard. Fixed. 

•On a brand new installation, the default values for decimal and thousands separator where incorrect for Euros. Fixed.

•Reported that installations using an IP address as a base for their server URL could display an error when clicking the new Payment Applications button (or the “Multiple” link) from the Payments module. This was related to a relative pathing issue. Fixed. 

•A testing value was improperly included in the Quote and Invoice Email subject blades and was distributed in the storage folder. This folder should not be imported as part of and upgrade, but was reported. Fixed.

•When using the Copy Expense feature, the original values for Vendor ID and Category ID were not persisted to the new entry. Fixed. 

•It was discovered that a standard user, who did not have the permission set for Allow Time Period Change = “Yes”, could be unable to have their time period settings changed at all. To correct this, a new field was added to the System Settings Dashboard view, which allows the system setting to be changed for ”System Default Time Period for Invoice and Quote Summary”. (As part of last year’s release, all admin users (and standard users with this option enabled) were given the ability to change their own dashboard time periods independent of the system default.)

•Payment entry in Euros was not properly using the decimal and thousands separator. Fixed. 

•Remaining balance on payment entry was not consistently updating. Fixed. 

Existing users can update their software from their FusionInvoice.com account. New users must purchase a FusionInvoice license. Update and installation instructions can be found on the FusionInvoice 2021 documentation page.

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