FusionInvoice 2020-1.3 Released!

January 17, 2020, 1:05 pm

Square Pig LLC is pleased to announce the release of FusionInvoice 2020-1.3. This maintenance release provides important bug fixes to FusionInvoice.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolves a problem with the new user permissions system, for users selecting a default system language other than English.
  • Standard users with specific defined permissions may not have seen all of the menu options that were selected.
  • Added a cascading delete on user permission entries when a standard user was deleted.
  • Resolves a recurring invoice issue where, if the frequency was selected as Every 12 Months (as opposed to Every 1 Year), the invoice would be generated each single month.

New Features

  • Added a new Email sending option of SendGrid API in System Settings -> Email.
  • German Language Translations. (Vielen dank to Viktor N.)

Existing users can update their software from their FusionInvoice.com account. New users must purchase a FusionInvoice license. Update and installation instructions can be found on the FusionInvoice 2020 documentation page.

Square Pig LLC is the maker of FusionInvoice, a world renowned web-based invoicing and business management software that’s been helping small businesses and freelancers effortlessly bill and get paid for their products since 2010. Their focus is on helping small businesses grow by offering uncommonly great software that helps automate and simplify.

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