FusionInvoice 2020-1 has been Released!

January 9, 2020, 10:17 am

Square Pig LLC is pleased to announce the release of FusionInvoice 2020-1. It includes the addition of a user account permissions system, an overhaul of the notes system, and the addition of an interactive task list system. Other notable updates include, improved search and filtering, QR codes on invoices, automatic exchange rate calculations, and many other enhancements.

Enhancements and General Changes:

- New User Roles & Permissions Management System:   FI now has a full-featured permissions system, which means not every user has to be a system admin. Users may grant specific individual user rights to view, create, update and/or delete on every module and every report.
-  Added a new Most Recently Used (MRU) menu below the existing navigation bar.
- The Notes system has been overhauled
- Improved System-wide Search and Filtering
-  Added Notifications for New Version Releases

- Added Notifications for Support and Update Renewals

-  A New Integrated Task List

-  Added Visual Badges for records having Notes, Attachments and Contacts

- Added Automatic Exchange Rate Calculations
- QR Codes on Invoices
- Added “Settings” as a new Tab to Clients view
- Saving changes to a Client record now returns the state to View mode, instead of Edit
- Editing a Client record respects the active tab

- Added the ability to Create a Recurring Invoice directly from the Client record.
-  Added a strike-through to more easily identify inactive client records in the client list.
-  Added the ability to use a Custom Invoice Prefix for each Client
-  Added Last Login to the Users Table
-  Added the ability to Copy (duplicate) Expense Records
-  Added public Document links to the Client Center tables
-  Payments Editing can now be accessed directly within the invoice.

-  Improvements to System Settings Email Testing

-  The Invoice Status Filter now has an option for “Overdue Invoices”

- Added an animated gif to show processing for long running processes, like bulk record deletions.

- Added graphic visual identifiers for all major module views

-  Changed to a new and prettier JavaScript library for alerts and confirmations

-  Delete buttons have all been themed with Bootstrap Danger to avoid accidental deletions.

- Reduced the size of the dashboard widget icons.
- Improved validation for the Import Tool and updated the documentation for it.
- Added a utility function called “Tag Cleanup” to the System Settings -> General page.o This removes all tags that were created but are no longer being used.
- Added a check for the newly required GD (graphics drawing) PHP extension on the System Settings -> System page.

Many bug fixes

Existing users can update their software from their https://fusionInvoice.com account. New users must purchase a FusionInvoice license. Update and installation instructions can be found on the FusionInvoice 2019 documentation page.

FusionInvoice is innovative and interactive self-hosted invoicing and customer relationship management (CRM) software. FusionInvoice is a product of SquarePig LLC.

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