FusionInvoice 2019-1 Release

April 17, 2019, 7:52 pm

Square Pig LLC is pleased to announce the release of FusionInvoice 2019-1. This first release of the 2019 calendar year brings numerous improvements to the software. The update includes user experience enhancements to the Client and Expense tracking areas of the system, multiple improvements to the underlying architecture, support for newer PHP versions, as well as several bug fixes reported from the 2018-8 release.

Notable updates include:

Client Specific:

  • Clients have a new Type field to indicate whether they're a Lead, Prospect or Customer.
  • Clients have a new Timezone field which will display the client's local time on the Client View screen if populated.
  • Attachments can now set to visible when uploaded directly on a client record.
  • Added new Attachments area to Client Center where logged in clients can access all of their client visible attachments in one place.
  • The Client list now includes the Client ID field so it can be searched on, sorted by, etc.
  • Added context aware placeholder text to the sidebox search bars. (Ie. If you have Clients selected, the help text shown in the Search textbox will display “Search Clients”.)
  • The API can now accept the client_id field instead of the client_name field when creating a quote or an invoice.

Expense Specific:

  • Expense categories and vendors can now be managed under System -> Expense Categories and System -> Expense Vendors.

General UI Changes:

  • Added a Dashboard widget date option for This Month.
  • Dashboard widget date settings have been simplified and are now set with a single control.
  • Added a System tab to System Settings to list basic system status indicators.

Architecture Improvements:

  • Attachments are now stored in the database as opposed to the filesystem.
  • Greatly simplified error logging.
  • Added support back in for Translations
  • Improved support for PHP version 7.3.X
  • Updated to the latest Laravel 5.5 (LTS) package.
  • Changed model events to model observers
  • Added model observers for expense categories and vendors.


  • Fixed a bug preventing the email payment receipt link from working on the Client View screen.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in email template reporting.
  • Fixed several PHP 7.3 compatibility issues.

You can read about these and many other improvements in the list of changes in our release notes.

You can install 2019-1 as a brand-new install, or upgrade to it from 2018-8 or any prior version. You can obtain the install/upgrade package from the Storepage, or if you are exiting customer, you can obtain it by logging into your FusionInvoice.com account.

For instructions on installing or upgrading, please refer to our documentation.

Special thanks to the many customers who have offered feature suggestions and valuable feedback as we completed this project. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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